Industrial Factory Re-Painting

We offer many specialized industrial painting services, including factory repainting, ceiling repainting, industrial roof repainting. Our select team of painters focus on factory repainting projects and are very experienced in handling complex industrial painting projects. The main reasons for factory repainting are due to paint failure. When surfaces are not prepared properly or a weak coating is used, often repainting is necessary. Industrial painting requires many prerequisites; when site managers ignore these then there are terrible consequences. Our professional painters ensure these prerequisites are met and use the best and modern technology to carry out your project.

Factory repainting is not something you want done multiple times. You can rely on New Hues Painters to get the job done well and produce long lasting results. The quality of the paint and the attractiveness of the surface depends a great deal on the tools that painting contractors use. Our painting company only uses the best tools available. We constantly learn the most modern techniques and cost efficient ways for industrial factory repainting.

Choosing the right paint and preparation for your factory repainting project is important. Our contractors come prepared with several paints and services:

  • Epoxy Coating
  • Alkyd Paint
  • Abrasive and water blasting
  • Water and corrosion proofing
  • Scaffolding and containment

You can rest assured that once you put your project in our very capable painting hands, you won’t ever have another bad paint job! New Hues Painters will guarantee that!